Electric Supply

West Comms is an independent Commercial Utility provider. By comparing up to 14 Top Suppliers of Electricity we offer an impartial service coupled with up to 40% savings on your current spend. It’s a great way of cutting your business overheads and increasing your profits. No spare time on your hands? Don’t worry, we are here to do the leg work for you. Just forward your last utility bill to our sales team and you will receive a fully documented ‘Free No Obligation’ quotation within 48 hours.

For your free quotation contact our sales department on 0800 1303 547 – Remember to have your most recent bill to hand.

What we need:-

        1.   Copy of your latest Electric Bill (sample of information required to process quotation).

2.     Letter of Authority (signed on company headed paper – This does NOT allow a contract to be signed on your behalf or put your business in any obligation to accept any of our quotes).