Induction Hearing Loops

West Comms has provided Induction/Hearing/Audio Loop Systems to School, Airports, Churches, Banks and Public Places etc throughout the South West for over 20 years.

Audio induction loop systems are an aid for the hard of hearing. They are a loop of cable around a designated area, usually a room or a building, which generates a magnetic field picked up by a hearing aid 

Legal Requirement Summary:-
Hearing enhancement systems must be installed in facilities likely to be used by the hearing impaired, as a customer, visitor or staff. Meeting Rooms in excess of 100m(2), a Lecture or Entertainment Venue, Spectator Sports Facilities, Cultural and Scientific Building, and Service or Reception Counters that are behind glazed screens

Sample service providers covered under the act -

· Telecommunications and Broadcasting Organisations;
· Public Utility Companies;
· Leisure Centres and Health Clubs;
· Bus and Railway stations, Airports and Travel Agents;
· Shops, Hairdressers, Post Offices, Bank and Building Societies;
· Hotel, Restaurants, Cinemas, Theatres and Pubs;
· Hospitals, Waiting Rooms and Clinics, Solicitors Offices, Courts, Churches and Mosques.

What is a Hearing Loop?

Hearing Loop Legislations?