Hearing Loss – Open your Business to 11 Million People?

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Induction Loop Legislation

A Hearing Loss Recognition Symbol

With 11 Million People throughout the UK suffer with Hearing Loss that’s 1 in 6. This figure is predicted to rise to 15.6 Million by 2035. Can you afford to miss out on these new or returning customers?

Legally, all Businesses must make their premises accessible for the disabled.

Hearing Aid users are classed as having a disability and therefore fall under the Equality Act 2010.


The Equality Act 2010 states everyone should be treated equally

‘Service providers are required to make changes, where needed, to improve service for disabled customers or potential customers’.


The Act also states service providers have a legal requirement to provide information in an accessible format –

‘provide auxiliary aids and services’ including hearing loops where required.


Part M of The Building Regulations (Department for Communities and Local Government) provides guidance for Public Buildings:-

”whether its a lecture or a concert, and whether they’re spectators or staff, solutions such as hearing loops should be provided. This affects universities, schools, certain hotels, theatres and sport arenas. If the building has some sort of counter (e.g. reception desk/ticket kiosk), that counter must be accessible for those who are hard of hearing”.

If an Induction Hearing System has been provided, signage must be displayed visibly to alert people to its presence.


BS8300 Code of Practice:-

The COP recommends a full hearing loop system for counters, conference and entertainment in any form – promoting accessibility and equal access for those who are hard of hearing.

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