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Hearing Equipment - introducing the Roger Pen, Roger Select & Roger Table Mic, SigNet Hearing Systems - inc. testing & maintenance, 
Hire Equipment - Portable Public Address Systems & Projectors plus
'What would you do if your phone system went down?' 


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Energy Offer, Fibre Optic Cabling - Emergency Repairs, Sonos Price Increases, Our New Business Premises & BT Price Increases.

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West Comms are delighted to sponsor our local Football & Rugby Clubs this season. Look out for our signs and Good Luck to all the players!!

St Austell Rugby Club:-

 St Austell Football Club:-

Best Fun Friday Ever!!  
Friday the 20th June 2014 saw a visit to our Offices @ Latham Park, St Blazey Road in Par, Cornwall, PL24 2JA by ‘Holly Day’ from ‘Cornwall’s Pirate FM’.
As promised, Holly did not arrive empty handed, bringing along Doughnuts and Cream Cakes for our Office Staff.


Just delicious!!!


West Comms are Network Professionals providing New, Expansion of existing, Replacement or Repair of Network Cabling and Support including Emergency repair of Fibre Optic Cabling throughout Cornwall, Devon (inc. Plymouth & Exeter) contact us on 0800 652 5666.

A Fibre Optic Cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibres. The optical fibre elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed. Fibre Optic Cables are used as an alternative to Copper Cable when data is required to travel Long Distances at High Speeds and under High Demand.

Fibre Optic Cables come in 2 Types, various Sizes and various Categories all with a 25 Year Warranty:-
Type - Loose Tube Fibre Cable – Duct grade cable for building backbone applications.
Size:- 4-12 Fibre variants constructed around a 2.9mm gel filled loose tube;
16-24 Fibre variants use a 4.0mm loose tube.
Type - Tight Tube Fibre Cable – Premise disribution cable constructed around 900µm tight buffered elements which are suitable for direct termination.
Size:- 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 & 24 Fibre variants.
Categories of Optical Fibre Cable - OM1 62/125µm Multi-mode; OM2 50/125µm Multi-mode; OM3 50/125µm Multi-mode Laser Optimised; OM4 50/125µm Multi-mode Laser Optimised and OS1/2 9/125µm Single-mode ITU-T G.652D. Multi-mode is the most cost-effective solution especially when using the 850nm.

Various Multi-mode and Single-mode Pigtails are used for Fibre Connections 900µm white tight buffering.
 - LC (lucent connector) Pigtails – Available in OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4 MM. OS2 in SM only.
 - SC (square connector) Pigtails – Available in OM1, OM2, OM3 MM. OS2 in SM only.
 - ST (straight tip connector) Pigtails – Available in OM1, OM2, OM3 MM. OS2 in SM only.
 - FC (ferrule connector) Pigtails – Available in OS2 SM only.

 Fibre Cable Termination – All Fibre Cables are terminated (spliced, joined) by fitting connectors to the end of each optical fibre in the cable. Pigtails (pre-installed connector on one end and a length of exposed fibre at the other end) are spliced together using a ‘Fusion Splicer’ (as shown below) to provide a High Precision Splice. The Splicer uses an electric arc to connect the two fibre ends together.
     All Fibre Installations are Tested up to a wavelength of 850nm (nm = 1 billionth of a meter) for power loss (dB loss). A Wavetek Fibre Tester is used, detailing the exact result of power loss. Test results confirm pass or fail of each cable and include the recommended Loss Budget, Margin of error (automatically calculated by tester) and confirm the cable core diameter. Detailed reports are created using LT Record Manager and provided to the contractor to confirm full testing and compliance.


New County Hall - Truro, Cornwall.


New County Hall is the Headquarters for Cornwall Council in Truro (Cornwall). A Cornish Grade II Listed building opened in 1966 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and set in landscaped grounds it contains many of its original features and furnishings as well as some exceptional pieces of work by world renowned artists with links to Cornwall. 


Duration 2 Years 

To enable relocation of staff to New County Hall reducing the running costs of numerous buildings by their disposal. The Refurbishment will increase New County Hall capacity from 650 to 1,000 by providing a 'Hot Desk' working solution. The alterations to Levels 2, 3 & 4 South/West Wing plus Levels 3 & 4 North Wing and Levels 0 & 1 East Wing of New County Hall, Truro are part of the 8 Million refurbushment plan.

West Comms has successfully been awarded through sub-contract the Installation / Commissioning / Testing / Certification for the Voice & Data Cat5E Structured Cabling Network with Copper and Fibre Optic Telephone Links. Including Data Cabinets, Patch Panels and all associated cable and sockets.

West Comms initially flooded the East wing with cabling at the start of August 2011, completing the East wing in September 2011. The North wing followed, with the South wing currently underway.


Cornwall Air Ambulance - New Operations Facility near NEWQUAY

WEST COMMS have been working with EIC Ltd from early September 2011 on this exciting development of a New Operation Facility to base the Cornwall Air Ambulance.
Following a strategic review in 2009, and a move to temporary accommodation following the closure of RAF St Mawgan, there was a need to modernise the front line operations in order to provide an up to date and effective air ambulance service for the people of Cornwall. Although the existing base had served well for over 20 years, emerging statutory requirements to meet new clinical operating standards presented a strong likelihood that prevented continued operations from the old location of temporary portacabins and hardened shelter.

Following a competitive tender process, the charity appointing a principal contractor gave specific assurances that more than 65% of the supply chain for goods and services in this construction project would be locally sourced in Cornwall.
This project has been funded by a European investment grant of £1M. West Comms has secured the communication cabling sub-contract worth in the region of £4K providing Cat6 Structured Cabling and VGA links throughout.

Duration                               13 Weeks

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Brannel School (Specialist in English and Performing Arts) – Project News

West Comms wins part of the 17.5 Million pound project to build a replacement ‘Brannel School’ in St Stephen. West Comms has been chosen to provide Cat6 Structured Voice & Data Cabling, Public Address, Hearing Loop Systems to provide site coverage and Whiteboard links to key locations throughout.