Commercial Audio Visual Solution

 West Communications have supplied Audio and Visual to a wide range of venues including:-

·         Schools / Colleges
·         Community Halls / Village Halls
·         Places of Worship
·         Public Houses / Sports Venues
·         Hospitals / Care Homes
Audio / Visual Cable Assemblies
We are able to supply audio and visual cables of various lengths to suite many multimedia applications.
We can supply a range of speakers which can cover a range of venue sizes, from a small conference room to a large sports hall.
Interactive large format displays
Interactive LFD’s, sometimes referred to as touchscreens, enable the user to interact with a host of different applications and devices. PCs and wireless connectivity are often in-built meaning that there is no need for lots of wires or costly installations. There are panel sizes for all applications that can be trolley mounted allowing for easy transportation between rooms.
Interactive whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards require the use of a projector. They feature a large surface area that is suitable for bigger rooms or large groups. Some interactive whiteboard solutions include a small device that allows any board to become interactive, making them easily portable.
Interactive projectors
These projectors allow any whiteboard to become interactive, they are bundled with software and include stylus pens to allow the presenter to interact with the projectors.
We have previously installed, short throw, ultra-short throw projectors with or without interactive whiteboards.