Hearing Equipment

As a provider throughout the South West of Professional Hearing Equipment Solutions since the early 1990’s. West Communications provide fitted and portable solutions to meet your customer and environment needs. 

West Comms works closely with Hearing Loss Cornwall & Accessibility Cornwall taking direct advice from the professionals, users & suppliers of the equipment. Therefore, we highly recommend Businesses should ensure that the Hearing Equipment installed, provides the highest level of quality to the end user.

All Hearing Equipment must be suitable for the area as well as the quantity and type of user/users. Therefore, we will arrange a visit to inspect the area that to cover and discuss the requirement to ensure the correct solution is provided. 

Installations can be completed during new build but also in an existing operational room. Existing Hearing Solutions can also be inspected, tested and repaired to ensure your equipment is fully operational.  

Your Legal Requirement:-
Hearing enhancement systems must be installed in facilities likely to be used by the hearing impaired, as a customer, visitor or staff. Meeting Rooms in excess of 100m(2), a Lecture or Entertainment Venue, Spectator Sports Facilities, Cultural and Scientific Building, and Service or Reception Counters that are behind glazed screens also apply.

Service providers covered under the act:-  Leisure Centres/Health Clubs, Bus/Railway Stations, Travel Agents, Shops, Hairdressers, Post Offices/Building Societies, Hotel, Restaurants, Cinemas, Theatres, Pubs, Hospitals, Waiting Rooms/Clinics, Solicitors Offices, Courts & Churches.

  • Reseller of Portable Phonak Hearing EquipmentInc. Roger Pen 1.1, Roger Select, Roger MyLink, Roger Table Mic II, Roger Base Station and Roger Clip-On.
  • Reseller of Portable and Hardwired SigNET Business Hearing Equipment Inc. Portable, Cross Counter, Small Room & Professional Hearing Systems.


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